Mike Clayton began his career in 1987 as a lather for a plastering company in Kansas City. To keep working, he also learned to be a laborer for both plasterers and bricklayers. Construction work was booming in Kansas City then and there were many opportunities so he advanced quickly and learned to plaster. His love of the Ozarks brought him back to Springfield in the early 90s and he continued in this line of work as Branson and Springfield enjoyed a great expansion. As a foreman for plastering crews, he learned about management and estimating so he could soon start his own business. In 1999 he was introduced to the concept of stucco inspections and obtained the proper training and certifications to begin a journey that has been what he calls "the funnest job I've ever had." He has continued with installation and EIFS repairs along with EIFS inspection in Springfield and surrounding areas. Through the years he has contributed articles to trade magazines and achieved many certifications but is most proud of the reputation he has earned among his peers and customers.

 Mike Clayton